"Recruiters don’t care about Graduates"

I heard someone say this a few days ago, and it really boggled me as to why someone would say such a thing.

I can understand this from a Recruiters perspective. In the current climate, graduates are constantly being forced into the dirty habit of applying for ‘any old job’ - as many as possible, because “surely I will get more job offers that way, right?!”


In my opinion, grads need to learn that it’s quality, not quantity. Find the jobs that are right for you and take plenty of time and care on tailoring your CV and cover letter/ application.

But, like I said, most grads will use the ‘scatter gun’ approach and send their CV to many different companies/ complete job applications like there’s no tomorrow! So the recruiter has got to deal with thousands of potentially poor quality candidates. Recruiters can overcome these problems by using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) such as the Lumesse TalentLink solution, and other software that integrates with this such as Verbal Reasoning, Numeric and Psychometric tests from SHL.

With the right tools, recruiters needn’t fear the grad cv/application swamp! So why did that person say that recruiters don’t care about grads? Grads are the leaders of tomorrow! They are the future CEO’s!

So if I ever see that person again, I’m going to put them straight! :)

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